Welcome to our family

Our mission is to protect and to preserve the treasure of India - “The Indigenous Cows of India”.

  Shree Vardhman Jivdaya Kendra – A Registered trust – was established in 1986  with Gaushala Panjarapole in village – LUNI, Taluka: Mundra, Dist. – Kutch, Gujarat. Since our inception we are working towards providing basic necessities like food, water, shelter and health care to hundreds of cows that are a part of our panjrapole. Though running on a noble cause, we also believe in self sustainability. Our belief had led us to start a manufacturing unit to produce health care products, personal care products, home care products, hair care products, skin care products, etc. All are products have cow dung and cow urine as their basic ingredients. Profits generated by selling these products are channelised back to Panjrapole funds.

This Panjarapole is running a research centre using cow urine and cow dung to make Ayurvedic medicines which can be used to cure many common ailments. Medicines are dispensed under ayurvedic doctor’s advice and prescription.

 Gaushala Panjarapole also gives shelter to aged, lame, sick and weak cows. They are taken care of with good fodder, drinking water, housed in clean healthy environment. Veterinary doctors attend to cows as well as other cattle and birds. Gaushala also has animal hospital – where treatment is given and surgery carried out on animals, where necessary. Similarly, it has a bird house also and birds are also taken care of. Gaushala also runs a mobile van with vet doctors to give on the spot treatment to cattle’s in about 40 villages around LUNI. Mobile medical care is available at all times. Gaushala has in 16 years of functioning earned “Adarsh Gaushala” award from Government of Gujarat. Panjarapole has today 1286 – cows to be looked after and maintained. In last 7 years, 82,000 – cattle are cared for and treated.

We save her – We protect her – We care for her – She is happy with us.