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We SAVE them – We PROTECT them

We take CARE of them –
They are HAPPY with us

More than 20,000 cattle saved from slaughter
250,000+ sick cattle treated
150,000+ animals treated during Medical Camps
20,000 animals sheltered during drought and famine

In united with other panjarapoles
  • Extending full cooperation to other panjarapoles by personally visiting them to advice and to guide for healthy animal feed, medical treatment including surgery
  • Planning and finding solutions to problems faced by panjarapoles
  • Taking efforts on continuous basis for receiving government grants with an aim for better animal welfare
  • Assisting other panjarapoles by providing grass at concessional rate
Medical Camps in Action
  • Running medical camps on periodic basis to treat animals and immunised them against diseases
  • Arranged about 40 medical camps with 75,000 animals treated
Mobile Vans on the Roads
  • Running Mobile Vans in around 40 villages and treated about 25,000 animals so far
Imparting Education
  • Educating and guiding villagers cover wide variety of topics such as common animal diseases, detecting early symptoms, treatment for various diseases, etc
High Thinking
  • Keeping in mind health of animals and pure religious sentiments no non veg food or stale or decayed food is given to animals
  • Terminally ill animals are exposed to Jain Navkar Mantra and Jain Stavan in their last moments of life
Organic Way
  • Cultivation through organic farming and conducting research to produce best quality fodder