All our products are a blend of atleast one ingredients of Panchgavya. Panchgavya comprises of Gomutra (cow urine), Goghrita (cow ghee), Godadhi (cow curd), Gomaya (cow dung), Godugdha (cow milk). Panchgavya is considered a key element in Ayurveda – for well being and good health of humans. Amount received by selling the products are diverted for the welfare of Indigenous Cows of India.

All books offered by VJK are at minimal prices as VJK aims at BETTER HEALTH - BETTER LIVING for all.
Smt. Menka Gandhi (Ministry of Women and Child Development - India) has read our books and highly recommends it others. One of her favorite books is "ANIMAL FRIEND" based on Ethnovet Approach to Animal Health and Management.